Registration & bookings

How to register
Click to download RUNMAKER COACH REGISTRATION FORM complete it and mail it to RunMaker together with your cheque for the registration fee. When we have processed your annual registration application, which takes up to 7 days, we will confirm this to you by email and you can then start to book the nets.

Registration fee
 £50 per 12 months.

Make a booking
Coaches may book nets once they have completed the registration process and RunMaker has sent email confirmation.

Bookings are taken for the current month and up to the end of the following month, and with full nets fees paid to be paid by cheque or bank transfer at the time of booking.

  • Book by phone: 07775 330475
  • Book by email:  click here 

You will receive a confirmation of an agreed booking by email.

This schedule gives an indication of when the RunMaker nets are usually available. Detailed availability can be established when you make a booking.

When Days From To
Term time Mon-Fri 18.30 21.00
Sat-Sun 09.00 21.00
School holidays Mon-Sun 09.00 21.00

£10 per net lane per hour.

By cheque or bank transfer (details on the Registration confirmation email).

Cancellations policy and fees
As you will appreciate, late cancellation may well mean that another young cricketer cannot take up your cancelled slot.

  • Cancellation 7 or more calendar days before time of booked net: 100% credit*
  • Cancellation between 48 hours and 7 days before time of booked net: 25% credit*
  • Cancellation less than 48 hours before time of booked net: 0% credit*

* credit in the form of reduction in subsequent booked sessions.

Codes of conduct and nets rules for coaches, players and parents (are shown as part of Registration form (above). Players, parents, and coaches must abide by these Codes and Nets Rules or access to RunMaker nets will be withdrawn. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that their clients abide by these at all times.

Please only park within the marked bays at the front of the school and do not park in any of the reserved bays, as these are frequently used by the school management outside normal school hours.
If you have to park on an adjacent road please note that you must not park on Ditton Road at all and only on the correct side of Langley Avenue. Always ensure that you park with consideration to SHS’s neighbours, avoiding all parking restrictions as well as respecting entrances to drive-ways and garages.