Coaches: registration & bookings


Q. Can I sign up on the day at SHS?
A. NO – a coach can’t use the facility until all the conditions of use  have been met – see COACHES page.

Q. Can any cricket coach use the RunMaker nets?
A. YES provided that the required criteria  have been met – see COACHES  page.

Q. Who can I speak to regarding registration?
A. Email or call 07775 330475

Q. How soon after I register can I book the nets?
A. Within 7 days.

Q. How do I pay for net hire?
A. By cheque or Bank transfer – see NETS  page.

Q. Can I book the facility for a group?
A. We don’t take bookings for club or school sessions. RunMaker focuses on the development of individual cricketers through personalised sessions, typically 1-to-1-but a coach may bring together a small group of players at the same time.

Q. Can I book multiple sessions?
A. You can book: 1, 2, 3, or 4 net lanes for the same time; as many consecutive hours as our booking times allow; up to a month in advance.

Q. If I have to cancel a booking what happens?
A. A cancellation fee may be due – see NETS page.

Q. Can an organisation book the RunMaker nets?
A. NO – the nets are only available to RunMaker registered coaches


Q. Is there any restriction on which young cricketers can use the nets?
A. NO – any young cricketer (boy or girl) can be coached at RunMaker as long as their coach has registered with RunMaker.

Q. Can I leave the sports hall whilst my young cricketer is being coached?
A. By the direction of the ECBCA, coaches are strongly advised NOT to be left on their own with the young cricketer for the protection of all parties.

Q. Where can I watch the session?
A. You may sit on the benches at the side of the hall, out of the line of sight of any of the batsmen in the nets. You may not stand in the net area or participate in any way.

Q. Can I come and coach my own son or daughter?
A. Not unless you have registered with RunMaker and are a qualified coach, meeting the requirements of registration –  see COACHES page.

Q. Do you have a list of coaches and bios?
A. Yes – see PLAYERS page


Q. Do you have video equipment?
A. No. Coaches may bring their own equipment for the sole purpose of filming the cricketer they are coaching at the time.

Q. I am a coach, may I bring my own equipment?
A. You can bring your own bowling machine and other cricket coaching related equipment.

Q. Do you have a bowling machine I can use?
A. You may use the BOLA machine if it is available when you arrive. You may use it without charge provided that you put it away in the store cupboard. Additional machines may be available in due course.

Q. Do you have changing rooms and showers?
A. Coaches and young cricketers usually arrive already changed but you may use the changing room.

Q. Where may I park?
A. Please only park within the marked bays at the front of the school and do not park in any of the reserved bays, as these are frequently used by the school management outside normal school hours. If you have to park on an adjacent road please note that you must not park on Ditton Road at all and only on the correct side of Langley Avenue. Always ensure that you park with consideration to SHS’s neighbours, avoiding all parking restrictions as well as respecting entrances to drive-ways and garages.

RunMaker – general

Q. Who is the RunMaker Child Welfare Officer?
A. David Marshall (Director). Email:

Q. Who can I speak to with a general query on RunMaker?
A. Email:

Q. Does RunMaker do outdoor coaching?
A. The indoor nets at RunMaker are available throughout the year but the outdoor nets may be made available where necessary.