Welcome to RunMaker

For indoor coaching 2017/8 and 2018/9, we are currently looking for a new facility whilst Shrewsbury House School undertakes its exciting building programme. In the meantime reluctantly, our operation is suspended.

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RunMaker indoor cricket coaching facilitates high quality personal cricket coaching for young boy and girl cricketers under the age of 21 who are keen to achieve the best they can, in the sport that they love, through hard work and commitment.

RunMaker is an independent, privately owned organisation run by cricket lovers.

What we offer
Qualified cricket coaches use the facility to coach their clients on a 1-to-1, or maximum one-to 4 basis in all the games skills, batting, bowling, keeping and fielding.

Coaches may additionally hold development sessions with small groups of their existing players and also hold introductory sessions with small groups of players new to more personalised coaching.

Why we exist
It is often difficult for accredited cricket coaches and parents to find indoor cricket nets operating outside of any school, club or county organisational structure, where they can hold personalised coaching sessions. That’s where RunMaker comes in.